Sergeant Daniel Robert Starnes

Sergeant Daniel Robert Starnes
Morgan County Sheriff's Department
End of Watch: Tuesday, July 10th, 2001
Date of Incident: Thursday, June 14th, 2001
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Time in Service: 5 years
Age: 46
Survivors: His wife and two sons
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Sergeant Daniel Robert Starnes
Michael Phelps - Citizen with Respect for Sgt. Dan Starnes
Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Sergeant Daniel Robert Starnes chose to join the profession of Law Enforcement late in life, driven by his personal characteristic of wanting to help people.

On 14 June 2001, he paid the ultimate price, just fifteen minutes after reporting "In Service". His son, Ryan (19 at the time) was in the patrol car with his father as part of a summer internship.

Within eyesight of his home, Sergeant Starnes stopped a vehicle matching the description of a wanted vehicle. He radioed that he would conduct a search of the vehicle. The driver, a 39 years old habitual and violent criminal, exited the car and fired five shots from a .45 cal. automatic, striking Sgt. Starnes 4 times in his chest and once in his wrist. He fired again into the patrol car, striking Sgt. Starnes son, Ryan. Sgt. Starnes, though gravely wounded fired 7 rounds, wounding the suspect. Ryan was able to exit the patrol car and get his father's shotgun from the trunk, he ran and held the suspect at gunpoint until other Sheriff's units arrived. Sgt. Starnes wife, seeing the incident from her their home ran to the scene.

Sgt. Starnes succumbed to his injuries one month later after a heroic battle to live. Both his sons, Dustin and Ryan serve as Indiana State Police Troopers.

Sergeant Starnes, though I never had the honor of meeting you, YOU are a HERO and have my utmost respect. I pray God has given you the eternal life you so richly deserve. You are watching over your devoted wife and sons, and you know they will keep your memory alive forever.

God Rest Your Soul.
Sergeant Daniel Robert Starnes
Sunday, November 8th, 2009
My prayers are with his family,

This Hero will never be forgotten.
Sergeant Daniel Robert Starnes
Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
A truly sad story, rest in peace sir
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