Our mission is to honor the service and sacrifice of public safety heroes who give their lives in the line of duty - by caring for the loved ones they leave behind.
Photo of Bradley Maxwell
Gunfire (Intentional)
Wed, Apr 18th, 2001
Photo of Gerald Andrew Jaeger
Struck By Vehicle (Accidental)
Sat, Jun 6th, 1964
Photo of Paul Eugene Ralls
Explosion (Accidental)
Tue, May 15th, 1962
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We are thankful for positive outcomes from two events in our service area yesterday that resulted in a total of five law enforcement officers being injured. First, three Kentucky troopers were injured in Harlan County following a chase of a woman in a stolen truck after she escaped from a psychiatric center. All three troopers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Later, two Saint Louis Metro officers were seriously injured in a crash. One was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit while the other was admitted for observation. Our thoughts and prayers are will all who were affected by each of these incidents.

What time do the festivities begin

HEROES TRIBUTE GALA IS TONIGHT!!! The Gala sold out with all 720 seats filled and a waiting list!! But you can watch it on-line. Streaming will begin at 6:30 P.M. (Eastern). You can watch it on the web at link or at link from your mobile device. We hope you will join us!!