Our mission is to honor the service and sacrifice of public safety heroes who give their lives in the line of duty - by caring for the loved ones they leave behind.
Photo of William L. Smothers
Aircraft Accident
Sat, Mar 5th, 1983
Photo of John Howard LeCompte
Gunfire (Intentional)
Sun, Nov 21st, 1976
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We are hoping and praying for a positive outcome in Falmouth, KY after a Pendleton County EMS ambulance was involved in a crash a short time ago. Extrication is still underway on both vehicles. Injuries are reported to be serious.

We are incredibly thankful for a positive outcome today after two Louisville Metro Police Officers were injured during a narcotics operation. One officer was shot twice -- once in the head -- but is expected to make a full recovery! From all accounts, the outcome is nothing short of miraculous!

We regret to notify you of the line-of-duty death of Firefighter Jeffery Blackmer of the Hamilton Township Volunteer Fire Company (Muncie, Indiana area). Firefighter Blackmer was found dead in the firehouse around 9:45 a.m. this morning after his fiancee had become concerned that he had not returned home after battling a barn fire. He had died of an apparent heart attack while cleaning his gear following the run.

He is survived by a daughter (7), son (11), and his fiancee.

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