Introduction to Line of Duty Death and Public Safety Officers' Benefits

Do you know what you need to know about
Line of Duty Death(LODD) & Public Safety Officers' Benefits(PSOB) ?

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Whether you are a public safety officer or supervisor, head of a public safety agency, family member of someone who serves, survivor of a fallen hero, or someone who just wants to know more about Line of Duty Death or Public Safety Officers’ Benefits, you will find this class interesting and enlightening.

You will also quickly find that neither topic is as simple as it seems.

Unfortunately, there are many widely held myths that affect understanding of these very important topics and therefore expectations at all levels. This class cuts through the myths and gives you the information YOU need to know.

Regardless of which of the above categories you fall into, we are confident you will find this FREE class to be time well spent.

Please don't let the “Introduction” part of the title fool you. This class covers a lot of important information that everyone should be familiar with, but few are. Feedback from previous participants has been overwhelmingly positive with many saying it covered important aspects of LODD they had never even considered before.

Do You Know?

  • What really distinguishes a 'line of duty' death from an 'active duty' death?
  • The true purpose of PSOB and who and what activities it covers?
  • When/what off-duty activity (including off-duty employment) can qualify as 'line of duty' for PSOB purposes?
  • When on-duty activity doesn't qualify?
  • Who your eligible beneficiaries are and who would actually receive benefits?


Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson retired from Louisville Metro Police Department as a Police Sergeant in 2004. He started his public safety career in 1977 with Louisville Emergency Medical Services and served nine years before leaving as a Lieutenant and starting his career in law enforcement. Eric was the principal founder of Supporting Heroes and has served as the organization's Executive Director since it began operations on 9/11/2004. He leads the organization's memorial teams in Indiana and Kentucky and responds regularly to police, fire and EMS line of duty deaths. He is the Coordinator of the Indiana Local Assistance State Team (L.A.S.T.) of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and is a member of the Board of Directors of the National EMS Memorial Service.

Doug Swartz

Doug Swartz has been a member or instructor of honor guards for nearly 30 years -- starting with his service in the U.S. Marine Corps. He recently retired after 20 years in the fire service and is the founder and Commanding Officer of the National Honor Guard Academy. Doug is involved on the national level and in his home state of Florida with both Honor Guard and LODD Response Planning. He is the Chair for the Florida Fire Chiefs LODD Committee and leads the State Response Team (also the Local Assistance State Team of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation) to assist departments with handling a LODD. Other notable affiliations include: Board Member/Regional Director for the National Honor Guard Commanders Association; Honor Guard Command Staff for the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend; member of the Advisory Committee formed for the development of the DOJ/NFFF State Response Teams and National Response Plan; and he assists with the Florida Fallen Firefighter Memorial through his membership in the Florida Fire Service Honor Guard Association.

Brian Zinanni

Brian Zinanni has been a member of the Fire/EMS service for 31 years, starting in his hometown of Rock Falls, Illinois. He currently serves as a Lieutenant/Medical Officer with the Clayton Fire Department in Missouri. Brian is the founder and State Coordinator of the Missouri Fire Service Funeral Assistance Response Team which also serves as the Local Assistance State Team (L.A.S.T.) for Missouri of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. He also serves as an advisor to the Missouri EMS Funeral Assistance Team and the Missouri Law Enforcement Funeral Assistance Team. Brian is a Board Member of the Firefighters Memorial Foundation of Missouri and Regional Director of the National Honor Guard Commanders Association. With SUPPORTING HEROES' recent expansion to Missouri, Brian now serves as the organization's STATE DIRECTOR for Missouri.

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