EMT Billie J. Grills

Photo of EMT Billie J. Grills
Last Call: Tue, Nov 11th, 1986
Date of Incident: Sun, Nov 9th, 1986
Cause of Death: Stroke
Service Time: 10 years
Age: 37


His son - BJ; daughter - Kristy; brother - Mickey; and sister - Jo Webb.


EMT Grills and his partner responded to a call regarding an elderly man who was confused and disoriented. The man was in a second floor apartment accessed only via a very steep stairway on the outside of the building.

Upon evaluation, it was determined the patient needed to be transported for further evaluation and treatment. Due to the nature of the stairs and the comparative sizes of EMT Grills and the patient, EMT Grills carried the patient down. When he reached the botton, he placed the patient on the ground and collapsed. He looked up and said, "I have had a bad stroke."

EMT Grills fell unconscious during transport. He died two days later.


Carter County E.M.S. Patch
776 East Tom T. Hall Boulevard
Olive Hill, Kentucky 41164
(606) 286-2266


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EMT Billie J. Grills
Left by Patricia Aldridge on Monday, May 14th, 2012

A tribute in deed to evidently a fine person who did what had to be done. As Jesus said, only the best lays down their life for another...and Bille Grills certainly did. I know his family has often ask the question 'why did this have to happen to us', but we are not to questin God's work. I have two nephews that are firemen....a blessed profession. God Bless his family for many years to come...they should be proud.