Patrolman Walter Davis Mazzie Jr.

Photo of Patrolman Walter Davis Mazzie Jr.
End of Watch: Thu, Jan 5th, 1939
Date of Incident: Thu, Jan 5th, 1939
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: Not Known
Age: 31


His wife Mable Cleona, and daughters Joann, Ella, and Wanda


Officer Mazzie died from a gunshot wound to the head by a man he had previously arrested.

Officer Mazzie was able to shoot the suspect three times before he died. The perpetrator also died.


Louisville Division of Police Patch
Louisville Metro Police Department Patch
The Louisville Division of Police has been disbanded and absorbed by the Louisville Metro Police Department.


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Patrolman Walter Davis Mazzie Jr.
Left by Ray on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Thank you, Ofc. Mazzie.

I wasn't a policeman, even a thought to my parents... well, they're alive now. Apparently they were born several years after your untimely passing... and now, much to their chagrin, I'm a police officer, myself.

Thank you for your service. According to the Courier-Journal, your wife and kids survive you.

And from a Brother in Blue, thank you.