Patrolman William Murphy

Photo of Patrolman William Murphy
End of Watch: Fri, Nov 19th, 1909
Date of Incident: Fri, Nov 19th, 1909
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: 6 years
Age: 30


Patrolman Murphy was shot and killed while investigating the sounds of gunfire near 19th Street and Baird Street. He was off duty and in the area when he heard the shots and went to investigate.

When he arrived at the scene he located a shooting victim and was told that the shooter, the victim's neighbor, had just entered his house. When Patrolman Murphy went to the suspects door and identified himself the man shot him, fatally wounding him.

The suspect was apprehended but had his case dismissed on the technicality that Patrolman Murphy had no right to enter his home.


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