Patrolman Lee Barker

Photo of Patrolman Lee Barker
End of Watch: Wed, Feb 14th, 1912
Date of Incident: Wed, Feb 14th, 1912
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 2 years
Age: 62


His wife, six daughters, three sons, a brother and two sisters


Patrolman Lee Barker suffered a fatal heart attack while investigating a burglary in progress.

While on patrol with another officer, Patrolman Barker went to check on one store and while passing a grocery store at the corner of Seventh and Triplett Streets discovered a burglary in progress. He asked two civilians to help him apprehend the burglars.

As he was standing at the window they had broken to enter the store, there was breaking glass at the front of the store. Patrolman Barker started to turn in the direction of the noise, but he toppled over against the side of the store and then fell to the pavement

Patrolman Barker had served with the Owensboro Police Department for two years. He was survived by his wife, six daughters, three sons, a brother, and two sisters.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


Owensboro Police Department
Owensboro Police Department Patch
222 East Ninth Street
Owensboro, Kentucky 42303
(270) 687-8888
Chief Arthur Ealum


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Patrolman Lee Barker
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God Bless you for your service. We are proud to be your descendants.