Deputy Sheriff William Smith

Photo of Deputy Sheriff William Smith
End of Watch: Mon, Dec 24th, 1923
Date of Incident: Mon, Dec 24th, 1923
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: Not Known
Age: 46


His wife and seven children.


Deputy William Smith was shot and killed in a shootout with a suspect on Christmas Eve.

After murdering Deputy Smith, the suspect fled into the nearby mountains. A posse that was assembled to pursue him reached the town of Glomawr and were searching for him when someone in a store threw a fire cracker at them.

Thinking they were being fired upon by the suspect, the posse opened fire towards the store, killing several occupants.

Deputy Smith was survived by his wife and seven children.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


Perry County Sheriff's Department Patch
Main Street
Hazard, Kentucky 41702
(606) 439-4523


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Deputy Sheriff William Smith
Left by Ken Cornett on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

William Smith was my great grandfather, He was killed long before I was born but my great grandmother talked of him often. He gave his life in service to others, what a great gift..