Captain John C. Moynahan

Photo of Captain John C. Moynahan
Last Call: Tue, Nov 21st, 1950
Date of Incident: Tue, Nov 21st, 1950
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 29 years
Age: 56


Around noon on November 21, Engine Co. #6, then the Lexington station placed farthest to the south end of the county, was dispatched to assist Jessamine County fire crews with a large fire at the Wilmore Post Office, a two story structure in the business district. Upon arrival, Captain Moynahan was pulling an attack hose from Engine #6 with his crew when he collapsed. Despite the efforts of other firefighters, he died before reaching the hospital.

The fire, which was one of the largest in Wilmore history, caused over $50,000 in damage to the large Wilmore Post Office. The fire was later found to have been caused by turpentine soaked rags self-igniting in the basement of the structure.

Captain Moynahan was born August 14, 1894 and was hired by the Lexington Fire Department on February 1, 1921. He was promoted to Captain in 1928 and was appointed in 1948 as "Drill Master" at Fire Station #6 which at the time was the training center for the entire department.


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