Captain Leonard Riggins Sr.

Photo of Captain Leonard Riggins Sr.
Last Call: Wed, Nov 5th, 2008
Date of Incident: Wed, Nov 5th, 2008
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: 15 years
Age: 52


Captain Riggins is survived by his wife and two sons


Captain Riggins was on his way home in uniform and in his fire department vehicle when he happened upon what appeared to be a vehicle crash. According to fire department policy, he pulled to the side of the road, activated his emergency lights, and exited the vehicle to assist. As he approached the vehicle, the occupant, who had just carjacked the vehicle, turned and shot Captain Riggins in the chest. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died.


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1421 North Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63106
(314) 533-3406


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