Deputy Charles Cook

Photo of Deputy Charles Cook
End of Watch: Thu, Jun 28th, 2007
Date of Incident: Sat, Jun 23rd, 2007
Cause of Death: Motor Vehicle Accident (Pursuit)
Service Time: 3 years
Age: 28


He is survived by his wife and 2-year-old son.


Deputy Sheriff Charles Cook succumbed to injuries sustained five days earlier while pursuing a motorcycle on the Belt Highway.

The motorcycle had been observed harassing a St. Joseph police officer by continuously driving past the officer and doing wheelies while the officer was conducting a traffic stop.

The officer radioed the situation in to dispatch and Deputy Cook responded to the scene. As the motorcycle fled northbound on the highway Deputy Cook attempted to catch up to it. As he crested a small hill he encountered a semi truck turning left across the highway. Deputy Cook swerved to avoid striking the truck but his patrol SUV left the roadway and struck a traffic control box.

He was transported to a local hospital where he remained in critical condition until succumbing to his injuries. The motorcyclist who caused the incident was not captured.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


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