Firefighter/Paramedic Frank Delano Gilbert Jr.

Photo of Firefighter/Paramedic Frank Delano Gilbert Jr.
Last Call: Thu, May 29th, 1997
Date of Incident: Sat, Oct 26th, 1996
Cause of Death: Motor Vehicle Accident (Response)
Service Time: 1 year
Age: 39


His wife Kim, and three children


FF/Paramedic Gilbert was in the back of an ambulance treating a patient being transported with lights and siren to a hospital. As the ambulance was passing a dump truck on the left, the dump truck made a left turn. The ambulance swerved and hit a tree.

FF/Paramedic Gilbert was thrown to the front of the ambulance where he landed on his head and neck causing paralysis from the neck down. He died from complications of his injuries seven months later.

He was well known for his work with the fire Dept and the city's SWAT Team. He was Indiana's Paramedic of the Year in 1995. He was an EMT, CPR, and ACLS instructor, a member of the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team and a Medic in the Marine Reserve Unit.


Portage Fire Department Patch
3401 Swanson Road
Portage, Indiana 46368
(219) 762-7404


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Left by Sherry Jadrnak on Sunday, May 29th, 2022

25 years. Still miss you. Fair Winds, and Following Seas. ❤