Officer Paul Benedict Oatman

Photo of Officer Paul Benedict Oatman
End of Watch: Fri, May 12th, 1967
Date of Incident: Fri, May 12th, 1967
Cause of Death: Motorcycle Accident
Service Time: 10 years
Age: 32


He was survived by his wife and four children.


Officer Oatman was killed in a motorcycle accident when a patrol car from another agency struck his tri-car at the intersection of Arsenal and Grand. The other patrol car was transporting a child to the hospital at the time.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department Patch
1200 Clark Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63103
(314) 231-1212


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Officer Paul Benedict Oatman
Left by Lisa Roberts on Friday, May 12th, 2017

Love and miss you dad! 50 years and still think of that last day out the door to school, and your kiss. Your a wonderful man, always honored, never forgotten, nor or your fellow officers whom I pray for daily. Just wish we could have had more time and you could have met your two lil grandson's. Thank you for watching over all of us and protecting us still. Love you so much!