Patrolman Robert Emmet McGalin

Photo of Patrolman Robert Emmet McGalin
End of Watch: Sun, Aug 25th, 1929
Date of Incident: Sun, Aug 25th, 1929
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: 10 years
Age: 52


His wife, two sons and a daughter.


Patrolman McGalin was shot and killed after he and his partner were flagged down by a citizen who had just seen a suspect who had held him up earlier in the vivinity of Woods Alley between 9th and 10th streets. As the citizen pointed out the suspect the officers observed the suspect throw an object between two houses. Patrolman McGalin's partner went to investigate leaving Patrolman McGalin with the citizen. At some point while Patrolman McGalin was alone with the citizen the suspect approached and shot and killed Patrolman McGalin. The suspect was captured the next day and sentenced to life in prison.


Patrolman Robert E. McGalin, 52, 10 years service in the Negro section of Louisville, Kentucky died at the City Hospital of Louisville, KY., Sunday morning from four bullet wounds received in a battle with a Negro in Woods Alley between Ninth and 10th Streets at 2:10 o'clock Sunday morning. Joined the force October 1919, Second District.


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