Police Officer Joseph Theobald Jr.

Photo of Police Officer Joseph Theobald Jr.
End of Watch: Sun, Nov 5th, 1933
Date of Incident: Not Known
Cause of Death: Struck by Vehicle (DUI)
Service Time: 3 years
Age: 36


He was survived by his wife and two young children.


Officer Theobald was struck and killed by a drunk driver while directing traffic at an accident scene on South Broadway. He was attempting to use his flashlight to direct an oncoming car around a tow truck. The car ignored his signals and struck him, throwing him 30-feet. The occupants of the vehicle were returning from a dance and the driver had been drinking. The man was charged with criminal carelessness.

Officer Theobald was assigned to the Wyoming Street Station.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


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St. Louis, Missouri 63103
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