Captain Peter Sirna

Photo of Captain Peter Sirna
Last Call: Mon, Aug 24th, 1959
Date of Incident: Tue, Aug 18th, 1959
Cause of Death: Burns
Service Time: 16 years
Age: 46


His wife Josephine and sons Anthony, Sylvester, Joseph, and Carmen.


A fire was started from a spark at a gasoline bulk filling station while two men were filling there tanker truck. Later in the incident after firefighters had arrived on the scene to douse the flames an explosion occurred. A 20,000 gal. tank exploited engulfed several firefighters in flames killing Captain Peter Sirna, Captain George Bartels, FF Virgil Sams, FF Neal Owen & FF Delbert Stone.


Kansas City Fire Department Patch
635 Woodland Avenue - Suite 2100
Kansas City, Missouri 64116
(816) 513-4600
Chief Paul J. Berardi


There are currently no tributes for Captain Peter Sirna.