Firefighter Charles J. Marik

Photo of Firefighter Charles J. Marik
Last Call: Mon, Dec 25th, 1916
Date of Incident: Mon, Dec 25th, 1916
Cause of Death: Fall (Accidental)
Service Time: 10 years
Age: 37


His wife Loretto and children Estelle, Dorothy, Lester, and Clifford


As he was responding to a residential fire at 758 Aubert Avenue, Firefighter Mariek fell from Truck 19. He suffered a severe head injury and died a short time later.

Firefighter Mariek was covering part of the shift of another firefighter so he could be home to open Christmas gifts with his family.


Saint Louis Fire Department Patch
1421 North Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63106
(314) 533-3406


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