Firefighter Harry Tasche

Photo of Firefighter Harry Tasche
Last Call: Fri, Jan 7th, 1910
Date of Incident: Fri, Jan 7th, 1910
Cause of Death: Burns
Service Time: 4 years
Age: 30


His mother Marie and several brothers and sisters.


While attempting to fight a fire in a barber shop at 519 Saint Charles Street, Firefighter Tasche was severely burned as he attempted to attack the fire with a chemical extinguisher through the front door. Reports stated that a window in the rear of the building blew out just as they were entering from the front. A large wall of fire then engulfed Firefighter Tasche who was leading the line of firefighters through the door. Frozen hydrants resulted in severe water supply delays.

Mrs. S.A. Rider, an actress who was staying at the Cambridge Hotel next door was overcome by smoke and also died in the fire.

Firefighter Tasche was a veteran of the Spanish War.


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