Patrolman Frank P. Franano

Photo of Patrolman Frank P. Franano
End of Watch: Sun, Sep 15th, 1935
Date of Incident: Not Known
Cause of Death: Struck By Train
Service Time: 4 years
Age: 40


He was survived by his wife and three sons.


Patrolman Franano was stuck by a train after stopping a car for driving with no headlights. Patrolman Franano and his partner were on patrol, traveling on Fifteenth Street when they noticed a car containing two youths go by. The lights of the car were dim, so Patrolman Franano turned the patrol car around and followed them. The youths - realized that the radio was decreasing the power of the headlights, so they turned it off. The officers continued to follow them, so the driver stopped the car at the edge of the train tracks on Fifteenth Street, near Carrington Avenue. Patrolman Franano drew up along side them, got out, and walked over to talk to the driver. He had just admonished him about driving with no headlights, when someone shouted that the train was coming.

Patrolman Franano called for everyone to back off the tracks. A Missouri Pacific train reached them before either could get out of the way. The patrol car was hit first. It was slammed into the other car and Officer Franano - still between them - was crushed. The cars were picked up by the engine and carried. The car that had been stopped went 26 feet before catching on a switch standard and falling free of the engine. The patrol car was carried 168 feet, and was still stuck to the engine when the train stopped. Everyone involved were injured and Patrolman Franano was killed.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


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