Assistant Chief Joseph H. Rayburn

Photo of Assistant Chief Joseph H. Rayburn
Last Call: Sat, Jun 6th, 1908
Date of Incident: Tue, May 19th, 1908
Cause of Death: Motor Vehicle Accident (Response)
Service Time: 22 years
Age: 47


His wife Mary and two sons.


While responding to a reported fire, Chief Rayburn's buggy overturned as he attempted to avoid a collision with a newspaper boy. Chief Rayburn was thrown from his buggy and struck an iron lamp post. While he was recovering from his injuries at Saint Joseph Hospital, he developed peritonitis and died approximately three weeks after the accident.


Kansas City Fire Department Patch
635 Woodland Avenue - Suite 2100
Kansas City, Missouri 64116
(816) 513-4600
Chief Paul J. Berardi


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