Patrolman Patrick Jones

Photo of Patrolman Patrick Jones
End of Watch: Mon, Apr 3rd, 1882
Date of Incident: Mon, Apr 3rd, 1882
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: Not Known
Age: 38


Patrolman Patrick Jones was shot while investigating a report of three suspicious males. A local grocer had told Patrolman Jones that there were three suspicious males in the area. When Patrolman Jones approached the males, they fled. Patrolman Jones gave chase, but was shot and killed. A man who lived in the area was lynched by an angry mob who thought he was the shooter, but he was later found to be innocent.

The true suspect admitted to the crime and was tried four separate times. The first two trials he was found guilty but the convictions were overturned. The third time resulted in a hung jury. He finally plead guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


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