Chief Joseph L. Johnson III (Retired)

Photo of Chief Joseph L. Johnson III
Last Call: Wed, Sep 28th, 2016
Date of Incident: Wed, Sep 28th, 2016
Cause of Death: Duty-Related Illness
Service Time: 29 years & 3 months
Age: 53


His fiancee, Allison King, and adult children, Joshua and Jessica


Chief Johnson died after a long battle with occupational cancer.


McMahan Fire Protection District
McMahan Fire Protection District Patch
4318 Taylorsville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40220
(502) 491-4745
Chief Pat Walsh


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Chief Joseph L. Johnson III
Left by jadyn johnson on Monday, June 4th, 2018

My uncle joe was a hero not only to me but to everyone he ever helped In his time of being a fire fighter,though it has almost been 2 years in september I still to this very day wish he were here to see me do the things I was always to shy to show him when he was alive,I wish he were here to see me sing in my talent shows and watch me act on stage at derby dinner play house,I wish I could give him one last hug because I was too shy and too scared of breaking down in tears to hug him the last time I ever saw those of you who know him,you might have known him as the guy who put his life before others,you might know him as the guy who saved lives even those who did not deserve it because he believed that everyone should get to live untill it was there time to be called home.he was my uncle but in the end he was also my hero.