Paramedic Mousa Chaban

Photo of Paramedic Mousa Chaban
Last Call: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018
Date of Incident: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018
Cause of Death: Motor Vehicle Accident
Service Time: Not Known
Age: 32


Paramedic Chaban was killed in an early morning crash when the ambulance he was riding in apparently ran a stoplight and broadsided another vehicle. He was in the back of the ambulance with a five-month old patient and the patient's mother at the time and was ejected during the crash. Neither the patient or mother were injured.

It is believed that the EMT who was driving the ambulance fell asleep.

The EMT as well as the driver and passenger of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. 


Tri-County Ambulance Service, Inc Patch
615 Nelsons Parkway
Wakarusa, Indiana 46573
(574) 862-3105


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Left by Detective Chris Rager on Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Thank you for your service and dedication to the citizens you served. You will be missed my friend.