Captain Terry Bucklew (Retired)

Photo of Captain Terry Bucklew
Last Call: Sun, Dec 31st, 2017
Date of Incident: Sun, Dec 31st, 2017
Cause of Death: Duty-Related Illness
Service Time: 28 years
Age: 59


Wife Katrina; daughters Tammy, Brittany, and Victoria; and step-children Brittany and Brandon Thomas


Captain Bucklew died from occupational cancer.


Bowling Green Fire Department
Bowling Green Fire Department Patch
625 East 6th Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
(270) 393-3702
Chief Jason Colson


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Captain Terry Bucklew
Left by EMT Brittney Thomas on Sunday, March 11th, 2018

I love you. I hope I can be half the hero you were someday. I miss you so much. I’ll see you soon.