Engineer Matthew Bennett

Photo of Engineer Matthew Bennett
Last Call: Sat, Nov 14th, 2020
Date of Incident: Sat, Nov 14th, 2020
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 23 years
Age: 49


His wife, Carlita; daughters, Samatha (16) and Allie (25); son, Chandler (22); and three grandchildren, Grace, Gwen, and William


At 9:54 A.M., firefighters were dispatched to a possible structural collapse at 5417 Brendan Park Way. First units on the scene reported that a car had driven into a home through the garage area. They believed the driver had hit the gas instead of the brake. No one was injured.

IFD Collapse Rescue Team 1 arrived on scene at 10:15 A.M., with Engine 1 driven by Engineer Bennett, and prepared to assess the damage to the structure. A short time later, Engineer Bennett complained of chest pain and was evaluated by EMS personnel. He was transported to a nearby hospital and taken to surgery soon after arrival. He did not survive.


Indianapolis Fire Department Patch
555 North New Jersey Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
(317) 327-6041


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Engineer Matthew Bennett
Left by Renee on Monday, November 16th, 2020

Thank you for your service, sir.  Rest In Peace.  Prayers for your family and friends.