Firefighter Marcus Eugene Maggard

Photo of Firefighter Marcus Eugene Maggard
Last Call: Thu, Jan 6th, 2022
Date of Incident: Not Known
Cause of Death: Duty-Related Illness
Service Time: 5 years
Age: 50


His wife; three adult sons; and an adult daughter


Firefighter Maggard died from complications of COVID-19 contracted in the line of duty.


Jadwin Volunteer Fire Department Patch
33 Highway ZZ
Jadwin, Missouri 65501
(573) 729-5577


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Firefighter Marcus Eugene Maggard
Left by Detective Drew LaMaster on Sunday, January 9th, 2022

I’ve known Marcus for 24 years.  I didn’t know him through his service to the community, I knew him at first through the family business. In the beginning, that was the extent of our interaction together.  Over the years that grew into a good friendship.  As the years continued and my entire family would travel the 400+ mile trip to camp and canoe, I got to know Marcus even more.  I watched his boys, Josh and Alex, grow from little boys into men.  As time passed, I began to look forward to spending time with the Maggard family when we traveled to Missouri.  The last 5 years I have referred to them as our “family in Missouri”.  Marcus became a very good friend.  We would often talk about things that had nothing to do with canoeing.  His family experienced it’s share of heartache recently.  Marcus lost his mother in January of 2018 and his house burnt down in December of 2021.  In the same month while serving his community, he contracted Covid.  His father died from Covid 3 days before he did.  Marcus, thank you for friendship.  You will be missed.