Firefighter/EMT Harold Bradley Allgood

Photo of Firefighter/EMT Harold Bradley Allgood
Last Call: Mon, Nov 15th, 1993
Date of Incident: Mon, Nov 15th, 1993
Cause of Death: Motor Vehicle Accident (Negligence)
Service Time: 5 years
Age: 21


His mother, Judy Allgood-Hodge; father, Harold J Allgood; brother, Christopher Allgood; and stepfather, Wayne Hodge


Firefighter Allgood was riding on the tailboard of a fire apparatus responding to a call. While en route, another firefighter responding to the same call in his personal vehicle struck the apparatus in the rear. Firefighter Allgood's mother was driving the apparatus and his stepfather was in the Captain's seat. He died in his parents' arms at the scene.


Mount Washington Fire Department
Mount Washington Fire Department Patch
722 North Bardstown Road
Mount Washington, Kentucky 40047
(502) 538-6257
Chief Charles Fugate


There are 2 tributes for Firefighter/EMT Harold Bradley Allgood.

Firefighter/EMT Harold Bradley Allgood
Left by Judy Allgood-Hodge on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

November 15th comes all too quickly every year. It will be fourteen years this Thursday since my heart was broken. The lose of you took part of my soul that I just cannot seem to get back and don't ever expect to. I miss your sense of humor, your smile, seeing you grow into a wonderful young man I was so proud to call my son, but most of all I miss hearing your voice. We know how you loved us and the fire service. I will never forget the fun we had during Crusade for Children each year.

Your work as a firefighter, EMT, Civil Air Patrol, Emergency Management, and of course, working with the disabled shows your dedication to mankind. Your heart was always in the right place and that speaks volumes for the wonderful person you really were. Twenty-one short years, but you always made a difference in a positive way.

You helped make my life complete and I miss you so very much.

I will love you forever my son.