Firefighter Benny C. Chaney

Photo of Firefighter Benny C. Chaney
Last Call: Sun, Dec 27th, 1992
Date of Incident: Sat, Jun 22nd, 1991
Cause of Death: Structural Collapse
Service Time: 18 years
Age: 36


Firefighter Chaney was severely injured during a roof/ceiling collapse after an explosion in a hardware store. During surgery for his cervical vertebra, he suffered a reaction to anesthesia and slipped into a coma. He died 18 months later due to an infection. Firefighter Steven Bryant was killed in the same incident.


Feds Creek Fire Department Patch
P.O. Box 100
Feds Creek, Kentucky 41524
(606) 835-4777


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Firefighter Benny C. Chaney
Left by Gina Runyon Griffith on Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Benny Calvary, thanks for your service and bravery! You are loved and missed!