Patrolman Albert B. Sallee

Photo of Patrolman Albert B. Sallee
End of Watch: Sat, May 12th, 1979
Date of Incident: Sat, May 12th, 1979
Cause of Death: Motorcycle Accident
Service Time: 6 years
Age: 35


His wife Belinda


Patrolman Sallee was killed in a motorcycle crash when he apparently lost control on Interstate-64 westbound near Grinstead Drive and struck a guardrail. All motorcycle officers had just been instructed to return to headquarters to pickup cars because of rain.


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The Louisville Division of Police has been disbanded and absorbed by the Louisville Metro Police Department.


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Patrolman Albert B. Sallee
Left by Eric Johnson on Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

I met Al while I was working with Louisville EMS in 1977. Since he was assigned to the Traffic Unit, we often made runs together. He was one of those guys that you immediately liked -- laid back, professional, competent, and someone you knew you could depend on when you needed him. He was well liked by all of us at LEMS, and he and I quickly became good friends. I honestly never heard a bad word spoken about Al.Al had a minor mishap and was injured in April that year, thereby managing to be off work during the Kentucky Derby -- a very rare (but coveted) occurence. He had had another minor motorcycle incident a few weeks before that. On the morning of his death, hespoke briefly with an EMS crew in a parking lot downtown. As they welcomed him back, he light-heartedly expressed concern about the old adage that "they come in 3's." A short time later, he fell.Al was a great guy and someoneI still think of often. A true testament to his character was exhibited not just by the numbers of people who attended his funeral, but by the diversity of their backgrounds. Hundreds of motorcyclists rode in his funeral -- many of them had been on the opposite side of the law .....atleastonce. When asked why so many came, one replied: "He treated us fair and showed us respect. We came to show ours."He was one of a kind.

May he rest in peace.