Firefighter John Evers

Photo of Firefighter John Evers
Last Call: Wed, Jun 19th, 1918
Date of Incident: Wed, Jun 19th, 1918
Cause of Death: Electrocution
Service Time: 15 years
Age: 35


His wife.


While fighting a fire in stables at Grant and Line Streets, overhead power lines fell into water in the alley that firefighters were working in. The shock caused Fire Chief Dunleavy to collapse. Firefighter Edward Collins attempted to rescue Chief Dunleavy but was also shocked. Firefighter Evers then attempted to rescue Chief Dunleavy but was knocked to the ground by the electrical current. He got up and staggered into the alleyway where he collapsed. Efforts to revive him at the scene failed and he died a short time later. Chief Dunleavy and Firefighter Collins survived the incident.


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