Firefighter Kenneth Michael Temke

Photo of Firefighter Kenneth Michael Temke
Last Call: Thu, Mar 25th, 2004
Date of Incident: Thu, Mar 25th, 2004
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 7 years
Age: 45


His wife, Rhonda, and their 6-year-old twins, Andrew and Rebecca


Firefighter Temke and members of his Dept were dispatched to a report of smoke and flames visible at a location in their jurisdiction. A fire officer near the scene responded in his personal vehicle, and 2 engines responded. Firefighter Temke was a passenger on the second engine.

Upon arrival on the scene, the fire officer reported a vehicle fire and released the second engine. Firefighter Temke's engine had not yet departed from the fire station; it was loaded and preparing to depart. When the response of the engine was cancelled, the engine was backed into quarters.

As firefighters dismounted the engine, Firefighter Temke fell to the ground from the jumpseat. Other firefighters went to his aid and found him to be unresponsive. An AED was applied and 1 shock was delivered. CPR was initiated.

Firefighter Temke was transported by BLS ambulance. The ambulance was met enroute by paramedics, and ACLS care was provided. Despite care provided by firefighters, EMS workers, and hospital staff, Firefighter Temke was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

See NIOSH report


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