Patrolman Mark Wynnfield Hines

Photo of Patrolman Mark Wynnfield Hines
End of Watch: Sun, Aug 29th, 1976
Date of Incident: Sun, Aug 29th, 1976
Cause of Death: Motor Vehicle Accident (Pursuit)
Service Time: 7 years
Age: 31


Patrolman Hines was killed in an automobile accident while pursuing another vehicle.

As Patrolman Hines topped a hill, his police cruiser struck a pickup truck. He then swerved to avoid hitting the vehicle he was pursuing, causing his vehicle to leave the roadway and crash.

The driver of the vehicle he was pursuing was arrested and charged with murder.


Jefferson County Police Department Patch
Louisville Metro Police Department Patch
The Jefferson County Police Department has been disbanded and absorbed by the Louisville Metro Police Department.


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Patrolman Mark Wynnfield Hines
Left on Friday, March 30th, 2007

Mark was a fellow student at Trinity High school. His life long ambition was to become a police officer. In his senior year he had an accident with a band saw that he bought his father for Christmas. This,he thought, would end his dreams. With several surgeries and therapy he overcame this accident and went on to become a police officer. Mark gave his life doing what he always wanted to do, to protect and serve.