EMT Rick William Vinzant

Photo of EMT Rick William Vinzant
Last Call: Thu, Feb 3rd, 1983
Date of Incident: Thu, Feb 3rd, 1983
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 5 years
Age: 28


His father Roy, mother Helen, brothers David, Terry, and Timothy, and sisters Sharon and Treasa


Techician Vinzant's normal assignment was Communications. While riding with the Operations Supervisor to go to dinner one evening, they responded to assist a unit at the scene of a shooting. While assisting with the patient, Technician Vinzant suffered a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at Louisville General Hospital.

Technician Vinzant had a history of heart problems and was being considered for a heart transplant. Nevertheless, his condition did not deter his desire to help others. According to his co-workers: "If ever he had to pick the circumstances of his death, this was it."


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EMT Rick William Vinzant
Left by Rhonda Young on Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Rick was a wonderful friend. He loved children and they loved him. My son was five when my sister startrd dating Rick. My son loved him. They were like best friends. Et was their favorite movie. They liked to ride inhis jeep.Rickwas a big kid him self that is why I think he liked hanging with the kids..Rick took me to the doctor several time during my last pregency. There were lots of issues with my last baby so I was at the doctor all the time. The doctors told us they were sure that we were having another boy. When the baby was born it turned out it was a girl. Rick snuck in to see us that night and asked," What are you naming hera "I said," I did not know."He asked if he could name her and we said yes. He gave her the name Fallon from the show Dynasty. He thought she would be pretty like the girl on the show. She is pretty and very loving to people just like Rick was.Rick has never been forgotten because when ever someone asked how she got her name , we tell them about Rick. He may not have children of his own but he lives on in the memory of my children.Rick gave of himself to the people around him. He never met a stranger. He was a special person and will always remain a true hero because of the love he gave to those around him. He knew his days were numberedformany years but that did not stop him from reaching for the stars.Rick you made a difference in this world.God sent you to us for such a short time, but the memory of you will last forever in the lives you touched.