Firefighter Raymond E. Gammans

Photo of Firefighter Raymond E. Gammans
Last Call: Wed, Jul 30th, 1941
Date of Incident: Not Known
Cause of Death: Not Known
Service Time: 11 years & 2 months
Age: 45


His wife, Gladys; sons Raymond (19), Richard (17), James Edward II, Michael (18 months); and daughter Helen Joan (14.


Former Fire Chief Gammans suffered severe damage to his lungs and bronchial tubes while "forcing his way through flame in a rescue attempt in a blazing house in South Locke Street." He died from complications of those injuries several months later.


Kokomo Fire Department Patch
215 West Superior Street
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
(756) 765-2636


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Firefighter Raymond E. Gammans
Left by Jason Miller on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The former fire chief died July

30, 1941, after suffering severely.'

sheared bronchial tubes and dam:!

age to his right lung after he went'

into a burning home on South'

Locke Street to retrieve a person,

inside the home. Gammans died;

several months later from his,