Firefighter John M. Fleischman

Photo of Firefighter John M. Fleischman
Last Call: Sun, May 14th, 1916
Date of Incident: Not Known
Cause of Death: Duty-Related Illness
Service Time: 2 years
Age: 52


His wife, three grandchildren, brother and sister


In late 1897 while cutting a wire on a utility pole during a fire FF Fleischman received an electric shock which threw him to the ground. He sustained a broken hip which he never recovered from and was placed on pension. He died at his home as a result from his injuries.


Fort Wayne Fire Department
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One Main Street
Suite 901
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
(260) 427-1170
Chief Eric Lahey


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Firefighter John M. Fleischman
Left on Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Thank you sir for your service.