Firefighter Donald Z. Manuel

Photo of Firefighter Donald Z. Manuel
Last Call: Sun, Nov 24th, 1996
Date of Incident: Sun, Nov 24th, 1996
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 4 years
Age: 65
Paul Vance
December 5th, 2007 9:42pm
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It was an honor to have served side by side with Don, He passed doing what he loved and it happened to be to the place he also loved St. Bernard. Several of us on that night lost more than a commrade but, we lost a friend. Don after all these years you are still missed by us.

Megan Williams
February 2nd, 2007 10:21pm
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My Granddaddy as a FirefighterIn memory of Donald. Z. Manuel My Granddaddy was a hero, hey saved so many lives.I wish you could have seen himhe was the greatest Firefighter aliveHe made so many sacrifices to all hisfamily and friends.He put in the time and effort in everythinghe day i will meet him in heaven and tell him i love him so.I will always be his granddaughtera hero who taught me to growNow my uncle is finishing his business he started so long agoI know he will make me proud and bethe next hero that granddaddy always showed. MeganKathleen Williams

John Manuel
February 1st, 2007 3:02pm
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my dad WRITTEN BY: John S. Manuel, DATE POSTED: 1/3/01 My dad he was a fireman when I was very small, He started the year of "69" to answer his first call. As the years past by and I got big it was so clear to me, A fireman like my dad is what I want to be. He took me on the runs he made lights and siren screaming, To see him ride out on the truck left my face a beaming. When they came back from the run and the truck pulled In the bay, he'd let me help to wash the truck, then sit in The cab and play. Years went past and came the day when I would turn Sixteen, and hear my dad tell me that I could join the team. The rookie class and trainings were very hard at times, But at the end of all of it I could man the lines. Late at night the house was quiet nothing made a sound, Then the Motorola would blast the tones out loud. "The dogs Would bar, the lights came on, we scrambled for our gear, And jump into that old dodge my dad behind the wheel. Light and siren going we headed to the station, a crew of Six was ready for this situation. Someone yelled out to my dad "you want to drive this one"a He smiled at me and said "No thanks I'll ride out with my son" After twenty seven years of service, my dad he passed away, Dying in the line of duty, dying a fireman that day. And since that fatal, terrible day in November of 96, His gear stands at the station house with black ribbons affixed. That's been thirty years ago I rode the tailboard with my dad, But I'll never forget times we spent the good ones and the bad. And though a few departments I've been on since then, I'll never forget that fever and where it first began. Thank you dad for the things you taught me, lessons I've Learned well. And stories of my younger days to my children I can tell. And as I make each run, and leave my children and My wife, I only hope that when I go I've led a firefighter's life

Carol (Manuel) Watts
February 1st, 2007 2:56pm
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How do you write about your Dada How do you recognize him as just a FireFighter Hero when he's been your hero throughout your life. My father continued to amaze me thoughout my life. From giving gifts at Christmas that showed he really knew his wife and 6 children , stepping in to be a father figure to my son, to being a teacher at the department, bowling alley, or his TaeKwonDo club. My father was a very quiet man who'se shadow was enormous. He did not like to be in the spot light or for people to point him out. He walked quietly through life touching all with his heart and hand. Although it has been 10 years since his last call, it is only now that I got the call. He is with me everytime I look at my son, for he has my father's ways. I will always miss him, and at the same time I feel his presence with me everyday.