EMT Rick William Vinzant

Photo of EMT Rick William Vinzant
Last Call: Thu, Feb 3rd, 1983
Date of Incident: Thu, Feb 3rd, 1983
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Service Time: 5 years
Age: 28
Sharon Vinzant-Ashba
April 28th, 2010 6:25pm
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My brother never knew that he was my hero.He was a typical big brother. We lived at the Home of the innocents when we were children for a short time because our father was a truck driver and unable to be with us 24/7. I remember one day as we walked (home) from school he wanted went into a pet store that we passed by daily-----He made me stay outside! But later in life(he was a teenager) and girls where ALWAYS calling him.One day the phone rang and I was standing in the kitchen minding my own business and he told me to answer the phone and tell whoever was on the phone(it was always a girl)that he was not at home.....so I did when the girl ask to speak to him, I did what he told me to do----I said he just told me he was not here....can I take a message......I may have paid for that----but I still til this day beleive it was worth it and I still laugh about it. Our father is now with him in heaven and while I miss them both so much,I know they are having A GOOD TIME.

Tony Wight
Louisville E.M.S. 1983 - 2007
February 22nd, 2008 12:08am
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Well it's nice to finally put a face with the name. I worked at Louisville EMS 8/83 - 8/07 and heard several stories about Rick and his final day at EMS. My first partner actually was on the shooting run that Rick went to when he arrested and they suddenly had 2 patients in the back. Just wanted to say hey to all and we should have a party with all the old folks from City.

Tony Wight

Paramedic George Glessner
Louisville E.M.S. 1979-1987 / Friend & Co-Worker
May 3rd, 2007 7:11pm
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As a then new, young Paramedic, I had the pleasure of working with Rick as my partner on many occasions before his heart condition worsened to the point that he could no longer go on calls. The first time Iworked withRick in 1979,Iwasa very new (cocky yet scared) Paramedic.Rick let me drive the ambulance to gain more at experience getting around the city. While I was driving, I kept hearing a faint click-click soundthatsoundedlikeaturn signal. I checked and it was not. I kept looking around for emergency light switches left on. They were not. I tried to look under the dash (while driving down Broadway) which prompted Rick to ask, "What are you doinga" I told him "it sounded like the turn signal was on, but I can't find it". In his most annoyed tone of voice, Rick said, "Its my Heart #@%*-it!, Now stop screwing around and just drive! Rickhadamechanicalvalveinhisheart that you could hear faintly when it was quiet in the rig, such as when the new, scared Paramedic was working with one of the best "old Dog EMTs" and was afraid to talk. Eventually, as did most people who met or worked with Rick, I was able to call him my friend and even spent lots of time with him both on and off-duty. Never a dull moment with Rickwhichmadeforlots of cherished memories! As I get older, I know that I will someday soon also take my last ambualnce ride. And when I do, I am sure Rick will be waiting for me to help me lead me into trouble on "the other side" as he often did on this side of life. I look forwad to it.

Rhonda Young
October 29th, 2006 8:17pm
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Rick was a wonderful friend. He loved children and they loved him. My son was five when my sister startrd dating Rick. My son loved him. They were like best friends. Et was their favorite movie. They liked to ride inhis jeep.Rickwas a big kid him self that is why I think he liked hanging with the kids..Rick took me to the doctor several time during my last pregency. There were lots of issues with my last baby so I was at the doctor all the time. The doctors told us they were sure that we were having another boy. When the baby was born it turned out it was a girl. Rick snuck in to see us that night and asked," What are you naming hera "I said," I did not know."He asked if he could name her and we said yes. He gave her the name Fallon from the show Dynasty. He thought she would be pretty like the girl on the show. She is pretty and very loving to people just like Rick was.Rick has never been forgotten because when ever someone asked how she got her name , we tell them about Rick. He may not have children of his own but he lives on in the memory of my children.Rick gave of himself to the people around him. He never met a stranger. He was a special person and will always remain a true hero because of the love he gave to those around him. He knew his days were numberedformany years but that did not stop him from reaching for the stars.Rick you made a difference in this world.God sent you to us for such a short time, but the memory of you will last forever in the lives you touched.